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Best Disabled Dating Sites

Best Disabled Dating Sites

Any person, regardless of whether he has physical limitations or not, strives to be loved and to love himself. Healthy people have many opportunities to get acquainted with the opposite sex. At the same time, citizens of low mobility may not even leave home for a long time. In this case, the assistant for dating for people with disabilities with the opposite sex is the Internet. Now in the "global web" there are many disabled dating UK sites that help find a soul mate.

A person with a disability needs support significantly more than not having physical disabilities. At the same time, assistance is needed not only from close people. Beloved person is a more stable support, he can provide assistance at any time.

There are dating agencies (marriage agencies), in which not only men provide their data, the profiles of disabled women are also in sufficient numbers. You can also get to know people at psychological rehabilitation courses, which take place after receiving a serious injury, or visiting interest clubs. There are cases when a woman without legs found her true love at the next medical examination, having met a disabled man of group 2 since childhood. Their relationship continued until the registration of marriage and cohabitation. But it should be noted that such cases are rare. Most disabled people who are looking for a girl or boy try to do this on the Internet. There are many sites where it can be done for free. On these sites you need to fill out an application or take a survey.


Best Disabled Dating Sites: TOP-5


  1. Match.com - one of the oldest sites providing dating for disabled that has several useful functions, one of which is raising your profile up for free. The next useful point was to send notifications about registration of new participants to your mailbox. The search engine of this site will find for you several partners that suit you, according to the age-related restrictions and interests indicated in the questionnaire. On the server, the equal ratio of men and women, which facilitates the possibility of creating a harmonious and happy couple. Every day the site is visited by more than a million people, which you can see on your page. This disabled dating site will help you to find new friends for joint hobbies, build love, and learn seduction skills. For quick registration, you must specify the email address, gender, date of birth, come up with an attracting nickname or your name. An excellent gift for dating site users was the compatibility testing of partners without prior registration. Site developers promise each site user to find the ideal partners;

  2. Elite Singles - is one of the most popular disability dating UK sites. You can register for the portal free of charge, there are also a number of other free services on the site: sending and receiving SMS, adding photos, taking part in the ranking of the 100 most popular users. By choosing this disabled dating service, you can make new acquaintances, flirt with the users you like, and establish long-term relationships that may end in marriage. The creators have developed a good search engine that will choose a candidate for a friend, lover and husband for gender, age, eye iris, hair color and even zodiac sign. After getting membership of the site, you will have more chances to find in the community of people of interest. Specify in your profile the maximum number of important parameters for you, this will help speed up the search for the applicant;

  3. Zoosk - thousands of disabled people will see your profile on this site immediately after registration. At the same time, you will immediately take the 1st place in the search for your city. Please note that when registering new users from your country and city, your profile will move down one position. But, with the help of a profile raising service, you can climb one place again and again. If you do not want other people to see that you came to visit them, you can turn on the “Invisible” service and not get into the guest list. You can also use the service to hide your profile from the search results by city and country. The term of this service is 30 days and at this time you can enable or disable this option. Of particular interest you probably will cause the popular services of the site - “likes” and tests;

  4. Disability Match - this is a real undateables dating agency, founded in 2008, and continues to work successfully to this day. The base of the site, more than 1 million disabled people in size, will help you find the person who will be close to you in terms of world perception with minimal time. The site supports many languages, and works with users in all countries of the world. Please note that registration is only possible from 18 years. An interesting feature of the site is that in the forms published on the site Disability Match, users can post not only photos, but also their video. The mobile version of the site deserves special attention, with the help of which you can all access the site services from your mobile phone. You can meet, exchange messages and even make appointments with your mobile phone. It is very simple and convenient, especially when you are far from your computer;

  5. MySpecialMatch - every day, several thousand new disabled members register on the site, with more than ten thousand members being online at any time. After free registration on the site, you immediately get the opportunity to view photos of all disabled users, read other people's diaries, as well as write comments to them. To start dating, do not forget to upload your photo so that other users of the site can make a first impression about you. One of the most popular sections on the site is the wishes section, where each site participant can describe their dreams and wait for someone to fulfill them. You can also help other disabled participants fulfill their desires. On the site you can connect yourself to the status of Premium Profiles, which allows you to use a large number of free and useful services. These wheelchair dating services will make your romance communication as comfortable as possible and provide increased attention from other users.

Disabled Dating: Some Interesting Statements

There are several quite accessible and proven ways to meet people with disabilities. It is enough to have the desire and access to the Internet. There are a huge number of dating sites, providing an opportunity to meet people of different gender, age, religion and physical abilities. That is, a person with disabilities can meet on such sites with a person of the opposite sex with any physical capabilities. And there are lots of such cases! Wheelchair girls marry absolutely healthy men, men with disabilities meet ordinary mail order bride.

Advice: Do not be ashamed of your disability and, moreover, hide it. Post a high-quality photo, describe your problem. Add as much information as possible about your interests, hobbies, and inner world. There is a high probability that it is your inner qualities that will attract the attention of other people and physical disabilities will take second place.

The problem of disabled people in most cases is deliberately hushed up and hidden, but there are no fewer disabled people from this, and they want to live just like other people. If someone considers a disabled person incompetent, we hasten to dispel this myth. In our time, disability is no longer a sentence. With the development of medical capabilities, after science has learned to create artificial limbs, prosthetics has reached amazing heights, with the growth of computerization and the penetration of the Internet of society, quite broad prospects for a normal life cycle with all the resulting joy and, above all, happy family life open up to anyone.

Among persons with disabilities, it identifies a category of people in wheelchairs, that is, those who move in a wheelchair. Despite the seeming hopelessness, such people have many chances to find a soul mate - usually their hands and head work quite well, and they can give odds to many physically healthy people. Public attitudes towards people with disabilities often create barriers around them. However, today society is changing its attitude towards people with disabilities, gradually erasing the line between people with disabilities and ordinary people, removing barriers in the perception of such people. Instead of a medical approach, a social one arises, aimed at integrating people with disabilities into society, where all barriers between people are maximally removed. To meet in a wheelchair, a person needs to exert maximum efforts - you need to search on dating sites, because this is the place where the questionnaires from the overwhelming majority of applicants of the second half are concentrated today.


Final Thoughts


According to statistics, about one-third of Internet users who are disabled used dating sites. So why are these sites so popular that more than a million disabled people spend a lot of time at online enabled dating sites?


  • Firstly, the opportunity to get acquainted in the 24/7 mode is liked by those who have some complexes and those who are interested to meet someone from another time zone;

  • Secondly, easy access to hundreds of thousands of profiles is also a huge plus. After all, now it is not necessary to look for ways to go to expensive events in order to meet lonely disabled single. Online dating requires only the Internet and a gadget, and registration usually happens very quickly;

  • Thirdly, any disability dating site makes it possible to apply a filter when selecting candidates (for how many years, location, etc.) and to reduce the time for screening out those who are not interested in you. Whether it is a secular evening or another event, the selection of the second half by their profession and age will take longer.


Among the other positive aspects of online dating, people often point out communicating with several people at the same time as a great advantage. Also registering disabled dating site is an outlet for shy disabled people.